Swimrun Lake James 2023

Our FOURTH time racing Swimrun Lake James. That's crazy. It's almost like we've been doing this sport for a while! With Swimrun Lake James race directors Kristen and Tony, who clearly did NOT get the tongue memo. We've been doing some serious training for Rockman, hoping this will be the year it finally happens for us. That training is pretty much nonstop hills and stairs and squats, so it was refreshing to get a little break from the hills at Lake James. (Some people disagreed that it wasn't hilly, but it's all relative, man. It WAS hilly, just not "4k feet of elevation" hilly.) Hoisting RD Kristen pre-race with the Marathonin Mommas, Megan and Sabrina! Seems only appropriate that since they said they read the blog, they should be featured in the blog! And it was a warm year! We've now had two cold, two warm, and I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I prefer the cold years. We did a little naked (not literally, you're welcome) swim at th

Swimrun Austin 2022 race report.

Our last swimrun of the 2022 swimrun season! This was both sad and happy in equal parts. It's been a long season. We're tired. We need some downtime. But we also love swimrun so much, we're going to miss it during the off season. This is the 3rd year  Odyssey has held Swimrun Austin, but only the second year we've been able to do it. Last year we had already paid for  Swimrun NC  2020, and that race was deferred to  2021 on the same date as Swimrun Austin . Fortunately this year NC  was moved back to its earlier date, and so we were able to do both! I loved having the opportunity to show off some of the fun locations and foods that Austin has to offer, though it's a lot of pressure when it's your hometown, so you find yourself in charge of a lot more things! There were enough people in town Friday morning that we had a pre-shakeout shakeout swim+run at Barton Springs! Even though the startline is only an hour drive from my house, we decided to rent an airbnb